Why is maritime security important?

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Since 9/11 the U.S. has focused on protecting the marine sector from terrorism and other potential threats. Essentially, maritime security is the protection of shipping and port facilities from unlawful acts. Please continue to follow along to learn more about maritime security and how a seasoned Maritime Port Security Expert can help minimize threats to your facility. 

What is maritime security?

Essentially, maritime security is a specialized type of protection for the marine sector. It is the internal and external protection of vessels and areas where ships and maritime operations occur. Maritime security is particularly critical as ships and maritime operations need protection from terrorism, piracy, illegal trafficking of goods and people, illegal fishing, and pollution.

What are the most common threats the marine industry faces?

In the marine industry, ports are required to comply with certain safety and security regulations to prevent potentially unlawful acts and international attacks. Facilities and ports must comply with all MARSEC regulations. They risk facing major penalties if they fail to comply with necessary regulations. Moreover, maritime security can protect against the following unlawful acts:

  • Terrorism. Unfortunately, the marine sector is a target for terrorist attacks. The marine industry faces terrorist threats because criminals try to take over vessels to ship and transport dangerous weapons and illegal goods.
  • Illegal trading of goods. Many criminals target vessels to traffic drugs and dangerous arms. Illegal cargo shipments pose a serious threat to the employees working at these ports and on ships. Vessels transport hundreds of containers containing all different types of goods, which makes it difficult to detect which contain illegal goods. Smuggling is a huge issue in the marine industry.
  • Piracy. Vessels that transport goods are vulnerable to piracy as they often transport cargo of money. This entices criminals to attack vessels while at sea.
  • Human trafficking. A huge issue we face today is human trafficking. This is an international marine issue as a large number of people are unwillingly being attacked and trafficked. In addition, individuals are unlawfully trying to sneak illegal immigrants onto vessels. The marine industry can only do so much to minimize this problem, which is why maritime sectors can benefit from our security services.
  • Pollution. Another huge issue the marine industry faces is environmental damage. Commercial operations pose a serious threat to causing harm to the environment. The risk of ocean damage can be minimized if facilities follow MARSEC regulations.
  • Cybersecurity. Marine sectors hold valuable data at sea that criminals often attempt to exploit to their advantage. When criminals have access to valuable information regarding vessels and ports such as security protocol, cargo information, and employee details, it puts the overall safety of a port at risk of unlawful acts. It is important to have elevated security to prevent cybercrimes.

If you are responsible for a marine sector port or vessel, it is imperative to obtain the right security to keep your facility and employees safe from potential threats. Our security experts are committed to helping our clients comply with MARSEC regulations. Allow our security experts to provide you

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