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MARSEC Compliance

MARSEC (MARitime SECurity) is a three-tiered security system created by the United States Coast Guard following 9/11. It is designed to provide an assessment of possible terrorist activity within the maritime industry and to easily communicate those assessments with various maritime facilities and vessels, and if you are someone who requires a MARSEC compliance expert to help ensure your facility is in line with all of the regulations in place, you’ve come to the right place. Contact Port Security Services to learn more about how our experienced team can assist you.

Should I Hire a MARSEC Compliance Expert?

When a facility is not in compliance with all MARSEC regulations and implementations, they risk facing a wide array of major penalties under audit. Unfortunately, this can drastically impact the profitability of any given facility, which is why it is so important that you hire a knowledgeable MARSEC compliance expert who can ensure that you are in full compliance with MARSEC. Our team has helped countless individuals do just that, and we are prepared to do the same for you.

33 CFR 105.210

Title 33 of the Code of Federal Regulations, section 105.210, outlines the requirements for maritime facility personnel with security duties. Subsection (m) specifically requires the knowledge of “the meaning and the consequential requirements of the different MARSEC Levels.”

Our security officers are well-versed and study these requirements extensively. They are tested periodically throughout the year to ensure that the implementation of this vital information becomes second nature.

How Port Security Services Can Help

Here at Port Security Services, we take pride in being able to provide our clients with state-of-the-art maritime security services. Just some of the services that our experienced team of security experts can provide you are as follows:

  • Regulatory Compliance-MARSEC level compliance
  • USCG and USCBP requirements
  • Waterborne Security
  • Access Control

Contact a MARSEC Compliance Expert

If you need a security officer with a wealth of knowledge regarding MARSEC compliance, you’ve come to the right place. You can rest assured that your facility is in good hands when you turn to Port Security Services. Contact us today to learn more about how we can assist you.

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