Unarmed vs. armed security guards: What to know?

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When you have a business one of your top priorities should be security. If your business needs a higher level of protection, you may consider hiring armed or unarmed security officers. Security officers can deter criminal activity. Security officers are trained to detect potential threats and know how to take action against various threats. If you are having trouble deciding whether you should hire unarmed or armed security officers, allow our experienced Security Experts to conduct a security assessment. This will enable us to determine which option will be more beneficial for your business’s specific needs. Please continue to follow along to learn about the differences between unarmed and armed security guards.

What is the difference between unarmed and armed security officers?

When it comes to the differences between unarmed and armed security guards, there is one major difference. Unarmed security guards carry non-lethal weapons such as pepper spray and a baton. Under certain circumstances, they may carry tasers. Essentially, they do not carry any lethal weapons such as a firearm. Armed guards on the other hand carry lethal weapons and require extensive training. This is because they have to have the proper licensing and training to carry a deadly protection weapon such as a firearm. Most people feel safer when armed security guards are present, however, unarmed guards can be just as effective in protecting a business from potential threats.

How do I know what type of security my business needs?

The main consideration you must take into account when deciding whether your business needs unarmed or armed security officers is your business’s threat level. Typically, unarmed guards are more effective for businesses with relatively low threat levels. Unarmed security guards can increase your security without scaring off customers or clients. Often armed security guards make those that visit your business afraid because they don’t like being in the same vicinity as a lethal weapon. However, unarmed guards do not pose a threat to customers. Instead, they make them feel safer. Armed security guards are often better suited to businesses that have a high threat level. When valuable information and products need to be protected, armed guards are the way to go. When there is a greater risk of crime, it is important to have highly skilled and highly trained security officers prepared to take action to defuse any potential threats. Often those that work in businesses that have higher threat levels employees feel safer knowing armed security guards are protecting them. Ultimately it is imperative to understand your business’s threat level to determine what type of security guard your business can benefit the most from.

If you are seeking elevated security for your business, please don’t hesitate to contact our qualified security experts. Our dedicated team is committed to helping our clients increase their security by obtaining the services of our unarmed and armed security officers. Contact us today so we can conduct a security assessment to determine your business’s specific needs.

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