How can my healthcare facility benefit from unarmed security guards?

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When the COVID-19 pandemic hit the U.S., many individuals lost their jobs and were faced with the financial difficulties of unemployment. Alongside their loss of employment, they are slapped with expensive medical expenses as a result of catching the serious COVID-19 virus. Ultimately, this has caused there to be a rise in threats to the safety of those working in the healthcare professions. This is because individuals are targeting hospitals for their valuable and expensive goods such as medical equipment and drugs. This is a result of healthcare facilities such as hospitals being open to the public 24/7. This has caused an increase in workplace violence. Healthcare facilities are obligated to keep their employees and patients safe from potential threats. Follow along to learn how your healthcare organization can benefit from hiring our highly-trained Unarmed Security Officers by deterring criminal activity and teaching your employees de-escalation tactics. 

How can security guards reduce workplace violence in healthcare?

Unfortunately, workplace violence negatively affects doctors and nurses which causes them to have difficulty performing their jobs to the best of their ability. With professions like this, workers need to feel safe in their environment to help those in need. If they are worried about a potential threat to their safety they will not be able to do their job. However, if healthcare facilities acquire the skilled services of our unarmed security guards, doctors, and nurses would not have to worry about their safety. We can help mitigate the threats of workplace violence by detecting criminal activity and de-escalating the situation before the police arrive. De-escalation is a vital element of security for healthcare facilities as they are full of innocent bystanders. Our security officers are highly trained in de-escalation tactics and have situational awareness training. Furthermore, our security experts can conduct assessments of your facility and devise security strategies best suited to your needs. After assessing your security needs, we can help employees take specific actions when confronted with workplace violence and threats. We will determine where you can benefit from our services such as what areas of your healthcare facility could benefit from having unarmed security officers stand at a post.

It is paramount to acquire the right security services to protect employees and patients in healthcare facilities. Those that work in the stressful field of healthcare work tirelessly day and night to help those in need. Healthcare organizations need to make the safety of their employees, patients, and visitors a priority. If you are interested in obtaining the security services of a highly-trained unarmed security officer, please don’t hesitate to contact us today. We are committed to helping our clients protect their employees, patients, and visitors from potential threats to healthcare facilities.


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