What should I know about security data breaches?

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Every business owner’s worst nightmare is facing a data breach. A hacker unlawfully obtains personal and confidential information from a corporate server can result in reputational damage and significant financial losses. Having sensitive information compromised is a severe issue for companies as it causes various complications. Unfortunately, with today’s technological advancements, hackers can easily access a business’s information online. If you are a business owner looking to protect your company from data breaches, contact Port Security Services to discover how our Cyber Security experts can help you minimize the risks of data breaches. 

What is a security data breach?

A data breach exposes protected information to an unauthorized person. Confidential and sensitive information is viewed and shared without permission when a data breach occurs. It is critical to note that data breaches don’t always happen due to outside hackers. In some cases, an employee could cause a data breach inadvertently by using a co-worker’s computer and accessing information they do not have proper authorization to view. Regardless of whether their actions were unintentional, it is still considered a data breach.

Additionally, an employee could intentionally access or share data to harm the company. Business owners must be careful of malicious insiders as they could use the data they obtain to profit, damaging the company’s reputation and resulting in a significant business loss. Businesses can also face data breaches when an electronic device such as a computer or cellphone is lost or stolen. Alongside stolen devices, companies must take precautionary steps to prevent malicious hackers from gathering confidential information. Hackers can use phishing, brute force attacks, and laware to access your network illegally.

How can I minimize vulnerabilities?

As a business owner, it is imperative to consider your service providers as they sometimes have access to personal information that can gain them entry into your private networks. With such easy access, they could breach your system likely without you even knowing it. Therefore, you should regularly change your service provider’s access privileges to prevent this security breach.

Furthermore, hiring Port Security Services cyber security experts is one of the best ways to protect your business from a data breach. As technology continues to become an integral part of our day-to-day lives, there is an increased chance of cyber attacks that can harm your business as hackers will target vulnerabilities to gain unlawful access to your sensitive data. Our team can conduct security assessments to identify vulnerabilities and weaknesses that can be fixed to prevent cyberattacks and security breaches.

If you own a business, contacting an experienced Port Security Services cyber security expert is in your best interest. Allow our team to assist you in protecting your company from data breaches.


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