What should I know about drone security surveillance?

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In today’s society, advanced technology has provided individuals with drones. Essentially, drones are aerial robots that capture HD imaging and live videos from a high altitude. Nowadays, individuals are choosing drone security surveillance over manned guards because of their technological abilities. Ultimately, drones are equipped with features that allow them to successfully track and located any potential safety threats. If you are interested in acquiring drone security surveillance, contact our Port Security Drone Security Surveillance services. 

What are the benefits of drone security surveillance?

Firstly, individuals should consider drone security surveillance because of the drone’s technological abilities.  Drones can capture infrared photos and high-quality videos that can be taken from a high altitude. This means they will have a wide viewpoint with no blindspots when surveilling. Another huge benefit of drone security is its sensors. Certain types of drones have features such as thermal sensing. This feature helps track intruders in low-visibility areas. They also have night vision features. Nowadays, drones are equipped with light detection and ranging (LiDAR) sensors. This feature uses light energy to measure distances with a laser. This feature is beneficial because it can produce maps of the area it is surveilling. Typically, law enforcement agencies use drones for this feature as it greatly helps them quickly provide 3-D layouts of an area. Furthermore, drones can operate at high speeds, making their response time way quicker than manned guards. Commercial drones are remotely controlled. The remote control aspect is extremely beneficial because it allows security operators to be several meters away from where they are surveying. If a dangerous situation arises, they will be at a safe distance. It also makes them more effective because they are discrete and do not make a lot of noise. Additionally, due to their small size, they can hover and fit into positions security guards cannot reach. There are several benefits to choosing drone security surveillance.

Are there any limitations to using this type of surveillance?

Although there are many benefits to using drone security surveillance, there are some restrictions. Unfortunately, third parties may try to hijack and interfere with a drone which causes it to drop its signal. Additionally, drones have limited battery capacity. They need to be charged after they’ve been used for a certain amount of time. Drones fly at high altitudes, which means they have a risk of colliding with other airborne objects. Certain weather conditions can also affect drones’ ability to be airborne. However, individuals do not need to worry as trained professionals know how to operate drones to avoid these restrictions. Our services provide individuals with trained operators who know how to safely man a drone.

If you believe drone security surveillance is the right choice for your needs, don’t hesitate to reach out to our security experts who have years of experience. We are dedicated to helping our clients stay safe.

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