How to choose the right outdoor lightning to increase your residential security?

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It is critical for homeowners to choose their outdoor lighting wisely. Homeowners must keep in mind how outside lighting can increase or decrease residential security. Homeowners should know the landscape and square footage of their home as it affects how many light fixtures they will need to increase visibility around their residence. If you need help making your residential home safer, contact Port Security Residential Security Expert Services. We can help your home increase its security level to keep your home safe against potential security threats. Our experts are ready to help you today.

Where should light fixtures be placed to increase my home security?

Homeowners may neglect the importance of outside lighting when it comes to home security. However, outside lighting can increase a home’s overall security. Homeowners should test out several placements of where their light fixtures should be installed. Essentially, all entry points should be well lit including garages. This means all sides of a house should have ample lighting which can help increase the visibility of any potential threats. Homeowners should check how their lights illuminate the outside of their house from inside. If a house does not have enough light fixtures around their home to illuminate the outside of their home, this could cause potential blind spots. This could allow an intruder to be unseen. Home owners should use LED light bulbs because they do not burn out and consumes less energy then other types of lights. Ultimately, homeowners should have multiple light fixtures to increase outside visibility and prevent intruders from breaking in.

Should my security lights have automatic controls and motion detectors?

Automatic controls make security lights more effective. It is extremely effective as it can allow individuals to immediately turn on their outside lighting even when they are not home when it turns dark outside. Additionally, all outdoor fixtures should be weather resistant and protected from water. Home’s should also have motion detectors that can detect any movements on the outside of a home. Motion detectors can instantly alert individuals of any potential security threats. Furthermore, our team can help homeowners install security cameras. Regardless of whether or not a security camera has night vision, increased lighting can only create a better image of any potential criminal activity. With today’s available technology, homeowners should take advantage of security systems to keep their homes safe. Ultimately, homeowners should consult our experts who can install security systems that cohesively work with the house’s lighting to capture any potential security threats.

If you need help protecting your home or neighborhood, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our experienced residential security experts who can help ensure your home is safe from any potential threats. Our endless resources allow us to help homeowners secure and protect their homes.

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