How to ensure safety and security for homeowners’ association (HOA) communities?

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When individuals purchase property within a homeowner association (HOA) jurisdiction, they automatically become members and must pay dues. An HOA is a self-governing organization that governs a residential community and sets rules for its residents. Regulations set by HOAs are meant to keep the neighborhood safe, even though some people may find them overly restrictive. With the world seemingly becoming increasingly dangerous by the day, security is a paramount concern for HOA communities. Please continue reading to learn how HOAs can enhance their security and how our residential security experts can help keep your residential community safe.

How can I enhance my homeowner association (HOA) security?

Firstly, when you drive by a residential community, you may notice that automated gate systems safeguard most. HOAS must consider investing in high-quality gate systems to allow residents to enter and exit the premises efficiently while deterring unauthorized individuals from gaining access. Depending on the particular needs of your residential community, you may consider installing sliding gates, swing gates, or barrier arm gates to mitigate the risks of unauthorized entry. In addition to installing automated gate systems, you should implement access control systems. An access control system will require residents and authorized personnel to use a key fob or personal identification numbers (PINs) to enter the community and specific areas, such as the pool or gym. This will help ensure that only approved personnel can access the residential community. You may even consider investing in a call box system that acts as an intercom between visitors and residents. This will help keep residents safe as they can verify visitors before granting them access to the premises.

Moreover, HOAs can ensure safety and security for their community by installing surveillance cameras. Having state-of-the-art surveillance cameras at the entrance and exit gate is beneficial as it allows you to monitor and record all activities. The sight alone of surveillance cameras is enough to deter potential criminal activity. They also help residents feel safer. Surveillance cameras can provide valuable evidence in case of an unfortunate incident. According to research, areas guarded with surveillance cameras tend to have less crime. Maintaining proper lighting is also an essential step in enhancing your HOA security. Ensure the entrance gate is well-lit to deter criminals and help surveillance cameras capture clear footage.

Should I hire security officers?

Furthermore, employing unarmed security personnel to enhance your HOA security would be best. Having highly trained security officers patrol the community and monitor incoming and outgoing traffic will minimize the risks of any criminal wrongdoings. They can conduct routine checks and respond to any security threats. Security officers will deter and catch illegal activity and protect your residential communities from intruders.

As you can see, there are various ways that HOAs can enhance their community’s security. Contact Port Security Services today to learn more about what we do and how we can help keep your residential community safe.

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