Home Invasions: What Are the Most At-Risk Items?

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Residential burglaries have been a significant concern for homeowners in recent years. According to research, there have been over 1.2 million home invasions in the past year in the U.S. Knowing which items are the most at-risk during a home burglary can help you ensure that you’ve taken the proper steps to safeguard your property. If you want to deter or catch criminal activity, contact Port Security Services to learn more about how our Residential Security Experts can protect your home from intruders. Please continue reading to learn the most common items burglars look for to sell or pawn. 

What are the most commonly sought-after items on every burglar’s hit list during home invasions?

In the event of a home invasion, it’s a common assumption that the intruders are solely after expensive items that have the highest resale values. However, in reality, less expensive household items are also commonly targeted. Therefore, it’s crucial to identify the most frequently stolen items during burglaries to ensure that appropriate security measures are taken to protect your property.

This will likely not come as a surprise, but jewelry and electronics are the most commonly stolen items during home invasions. Burglars always look for expensive fine jewelry, such as antique pearls, diamonds, and watches, that they can resell to profit on the black market. Burgers can melt down the metal before selling the stolen jewelry if they’re afraid of being caught, as this method will make it impossible to trace. Electronics such as flat-screen TVs, sound bars, cellphones, laptops, video game consoles, and other expensive devices are also the target of burglars as they can either resell the stolen merchandise or use it for their benefit.

It may come as a surprise, but burglars during a break-in will often target prescription drugs. While they may not be as attractive as jewelry or electronics, medications like Oxycontin, Xanax, Adderal, Ritalin, Vicodin, Percocet, Valium, Ambien, and other prescription drugs can be highly profitable when resold on the streets. As a result, burglars may search your medicine cabinets during a break-in. Therefore, if you store painkillers or other prescription medication in your bathroom, it’s advisable to find a more secure location.

How can I protect my personal belongings?

Unfortunately, even if you take safety precautions, burglars can still find vulnerabilities to break into your home. Therefore, you should implement additional security measures to protect your items during a home invasion. Firstly, you should obtain property insurance, as this policy will reimburse you for the stolen items depending g on the policy limits. After you’ve secured this insurance, you should install a security camera system. In addition, you should install motion sensor lights and confirm your valuable items in a safe. The best way to mitigate the risks of home invasions is by hiring residential security experts with access to endless resources and years of experience safeguarding residential areas.

If you’re a homeowner, please don’t hesitate to contact Port Security Services. Our residential security experts are prepared to help you deter and catch intruders.

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