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The tragedy of 9/11 has forever impacted the way the world operates, and even more specifically, airports. After the horrific event, airports implemented drastic measures to ensure that the level of security was at an all-time high. At Port Security Services, our experts have been trained in many areas of airport security to ensure that we can provide the utmost protection to airports around the country. Contact an airport security expert today to learn more.

What does airport security entail?

At Port Security Services, our security experts have provided airport protection for commercial, private, and other airports with boots-on-the-ground security. It is important to recognize that there are other forms of airport security that are commonly used including surveillance cameras and other technological security. Additionally, airport security can also involve screening features for employees and passengers to make sure that those who are boarding the plane are doing so safely. Some of the other types of security that Port Security Services provides for airports includes, and is not limited to the following:

  • Administering airport security evaluations to determine where you need security, and what type of security would be best
  • Assuring that surveillance is installed in all appropriate places
  • Conducting airport patrols
  • Checking and verifying the content/dimensions of the cargo
  • Employing armed or unarmed security guards
  • Cabin checks
  • Conducting vehicle inspections of all vehicles that enter the airport
  • Responding to any threats or potential threats

If you would like to learn more about the different types of airport security services that our security experts can provide, do not wait to reach out to us today. Our firm has the experience and up-to-date knowledge required to ensure that you and your establishment are protected from all threats. We are just one call away.

How does Port Security Services train our experts in airport security?

At Port Security Services, our experts are trained to learn the newest methods, operations, and rules for transportation protection through both traditional coursework and hands-on training. The purpose of this intense training is to make sure that our security experts are able to identify and prevent threats.

If you would like to learn more about the training involved for our security experts, do not hesitate to reach out today to learn more. As technology evolves, so has our training to make sure that airports are prepared to combat the many dangers that can arise. Contact an airport security expert today to retain the services of our skilled security experts.

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