What skills should every security guard possess?

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Unfortunately, the world continues to become more dangerous each day. Therefore, many businesses hire security guards to patrol and surveil their premises to deter and respond to criminal activity. When hiring a security guard, you must ensure they possess the proper skills to carry out their duties effectively. If you own a business, contact Port Security Services to learn about our team of seasoned Unarmed Security Officers and how they can help protect your company. Please continue reading to learn what skills a security guard must have to perform their job successfully. 

What skills are required of a security guard?

In today’s day and age, security guards need more than just the ability to identify and respond to potential threats. To improve their role in their field, they must possess a range of other critical skills that can help them defuse emergencies. The following include but are not limited to some of the skills a security guard is required to have:

  • Communication. Security guards must have communication skills to execute their job. Verbal communication is needed to instruct individuals in an emergency and defuse situations. Exchanging information is a vital part of the day-to-day job as security guards communicate with one another, relaying pertinent information to patrol the premises effectively. In addition, communication is needed if dealing with an emergency. If someone becomes a security guard must be able to communicate with emergency services. If there is an imminent threat, they must be able to communicate with law enforcement officers to ensure they have the necessary information to respond to the situation.
  • Attention to detail. This is one of the most critical skills a security guard must possess. This is because they must be able to focus on the details, meaning they must examine any suspicious behaviors and be able to remember critical information to inform the authorities to provide accurate reports.
  • Critical thinking: A security guard must be able to examine a situation objectively to develop a course of action. When there is an imminent security threat, a security guard must have the skills to use their reasoning instead of allowing their emotions to cloud their judgment.
  • Problem-solving. Another skill a security guard should possess is problem-solving, as they must detect the source of a problem and then figure out a solution to defuse the situation. Without problem-solving skills, they won’t be able to address the situation and effectively respond.
  • Teamwork: As mentioned above, security guards often communicate with their team to relay important information. To do so, they must have teamwork skills, meaning they can accomplish a mutual goal. Even though security guards often operate alone, they sometimes have to work with others to get the job done. Usually, security guards are posted in different areas, in charge of patrolling a specific location. When this is the case, when a security guard needs to take a break, they must communicate so that there are no vulnerabilities that can result in a potential threat. Therefore, security guards must take the necessary actions, such as switching positions with another security guard to ensure they safeguard individuals and items they intend to protect.

If you require unarmed security guards to protect your business, contact Port Security Services today. Our team of highly trained and highly skilled unarmed security officers is prepared to detect, respond, and de-escalate potential threats to keep your employees, customers, and other parties out of harm’s way.

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