What is chemical-petrochemical security?

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A growing number of threats have been posed to chemical and petrochemical facilities in recent years. These threats require an elevated level of security to meet certain safety and security regulations. Essentially, chemical-petrochemical facilities handle chemicals that are manufactured from petroleum and natural gas for a variety of commercial purposes. The commercial element of chemicals is vital to our growing economy. Oftentimes, chemicals in these facilities are used to develop a variety of different types of medicines as well as manufacture fuel for vehicles. Without these dangerous chemicals, we would not be able to develop certain products that we use in our everyday lives. However, if these hazardous chemicals end up in the wrong hands, they could be abused to cause serious harm. Our experienced Chemical-Petrochemical Security experts can help you keep your high-risk facility safe from potential threats. We can evaluate your needs and support your efforts in meeting both security and safety regulations in the U.S. We understand the importance of keeping vital chemicals protected. 

What to know about chemical-petrochemical security?

In recent years the chemical-petrochemical industry has been expanding, resulting in an increase in potential terrorism, cyber, and industrial threats. The chemical sector is required to meet certain safety regulations. Facilities in the chemical sector must abide by the Chemical Facility Anti-Terrorism Standards (CFATS). This program was implemented in 2007 for chemical-petrochemical companies by the Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA). This is a regulatory program that has been put into effect to ensure high-risk chemical-petrochemical facilities meet certain security and safety measures to reduce the risk that dangerous chemicals are weaponized by terrorists. It is imperative to understand that CFATS and other regulators must meet specific criteria such as running security vulnerability assessments, executing alternative security programs, and implementing site security plans. It is critical to understand the rules you must follow to protect your chemical-petrochemical facility. It is important to note that CFATS has different regulations for high-risk facilities depending on the concentration and quantities of specific chemicals being used at the facility. We ensure our highly trained security experts are up to date on important CFATS safety and security regulations. It is our mission to help you meet the conditions set forth by CFATS to protect the hazardous chemicals being used at your facility.

Ultimately, chemicals play a critical role in our economy and chemical-petrochemical facilities must meet security regulations. Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with one of our skilled and determined chemical-petrochemical security experts who have extensive knowledge on how to keep facilities in this industry safe and secure from potential threats. Providing our clients with elevated security that makes them feel protected is our top priority. Allow our experts to help you prevent hazardous chemicals from being used in an attack.

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