What Are Botnet Attacks?

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A botnet attack refers to a group of computers that have been infected by malware and have come under the control of a malicious actor. They are designed for illegal activities such as spending spam, stealing data, ransomware, and DDoS attacks. Unfortunately, botnet attacks are becoming increasingly common and complex. As such, taking the necessary steps to prevent these attacks is essential. Please continue reading and contact Port Security Security to learn more about cyber security and how our Security Experts can assist you today. 

How Do Botnet Attacks Work?

Firstly, “botnet” combines two words: robot and network. A botnet is a network of computers or other internet-connected devices hijacked for various scams and attacks. Using malware, cybercriminals infect multiple systems and flood them with bandwidth to turn them into an army of “minions” who mindlessly execute their orders. A botnet attack is a large-scale cyber attack by malware-infected devices controlled remotely. It’s crucial to understand that the more devices a hacker infects with malware, the stronger the attack will likely be.

Unfortunately, any device capable of accessing the internet could be used as a “zombie bot” in these attacks to jeopardize an enterprise. This is particularly true if the device doesn’t receive systematic antivirus software updates. Zombie bots are compromised computers under the control of an attacker who usually controls many other compromised machines that make up a botnet together. The following includes the most vulnerable devices to botnet attacks:

  • Computers
  • Network routers
  • Mobile devices
  • Web servers
  • Tablets
  • Smartwatches
  • Web-enabled home devices (security cameras, doorbell cameras, televisions, thermostats, speakers)

These cyberattacks are the deadliest and most difficult to contain than single malware attacks. This is because, rather than reflecting a single device, botnets can infect hundreds, thousands, and even millions of connected devices at once. Hackers can quickly replicate and distribute their malware, which makes this threat much more challenging to stop. In addition, hackers can use incoming software updates from already infected devices to redirect or scale up their attacks to stay ahead of countermeasures employed by their victims. With so many botnets circulating the internet today, it’s crucial to enlist the help of security experts who can help stop and prevent these attacks.

How to Prevent Attacks?

Botnets are constantly evolving to exploit security vulnerabilities and flaws. As a result, you must keep your software up to date. New viruses and malware are created every day. Therefore, ensuring your system is up-to-date is essential to prevent attacks. Botnets are designed to exploit vulnerabilities in software, and many issues are fixed in the form of security updates and patches. You should also closely monitor your network for unusual activities. This will help you better understand your typical traffic. You can automatically detect suspicious behavior, such as botnet attacks, using data collection and analytic solutions.

For more information on protecting your network from malicious cyberattacks, please don’t hesitate to contact Port Security Services. Our security experts are prepared to help you safeguard your valuable data.

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