Unarmed vs. Armed Security Guards: Which is Right for Your Security Needs?

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Unfortunately, in our society, there has been an increase in physical threats to everyday people and sensitive locations. As such, many trades wonder whether they should enhance their security with armed or unarmed security guards. In making the determination between armed or unarmed security, you must take into account the specific duties they will be expected to perform to meet your security objective. It’s crucial to understand that security officers are the first line of defense. Therefore, it’s vital to choose the appropriate one for your particular situation. Please continue reading to learn what domains benefit most from armed vs. unarmed security guards. In addition, contact our seasoned¬† Security Experts, who will help formulate a strategy that best serves you.¬†

What Domains Benefit From Armed Guards?

Armed security officers are equipped with lethal weaponry and possess the necessary training and expertise to effectively respond to high-risk environments where the threat of violence or criminal activity is significant. Sensitive sites have an increased need for enhanced security measures. These sites include pharmaceutical companies, petrochemical organizations, and power substations with vulnerable materials. However, other domains, such as financial institutions, often require armed guards due to the high risk of robberies. Celebrities, politicians, and business executives can also benefit from armed guards for personal protection, given the potential for targeted threats.

What Scenarios Are Better Suited For Unarmed Guards?

Despite unarmed security guards not carrying lethal weapons, they serve an integral role in upholding safety and order. Their mere presence acts as a deterrent to criminal activity, and their unique skill set in surveillance, crowd management, and conflict resolution helps ensure the general public’s welfare. As mentioned above, there are certain domains where armed guards are better equipped to handle potential threats. However, there are various establishments and facilities that can benefit from hiring unarmed guards.

For instance, many retail and commercial businesses use unarmed guards to patrol their premises. They act as a deterrent to shoplifting and vandalism. Another ideal scenario for unarmed guards is educational institutions. Schools and universities want to ensure the well-being of their students and staff. Therefore, they hire unarmed guards to promote a safe learning environment.

Moreover, corporate buildings and residential complexes can benefit from unarmed guards, who can use their surveillance tactics to monitor the premises. Further, healthcare facilities such as hospitals can benefit from unarmed guards as they can implement crowd control, particularly in emergency rooms. This will encourage a non-threatening environment, safeguarding vulnerable patients and staff.

If you’re considering hiring armed or unarmed security guards, please don’t hesitate to contact Port Security Services, as our highly trained officers can protect you and your valuable assets.

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