How to work with your HOA to improve safety?

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Do you live in a Homeowners Association (HOA) community? Anyone who buys a house in an HOA community automatically becomes a member. Therefore, if you are residing in an HOA community, you will be required to adhere to certain rules and regulations and pay fees. These are conditional terms of residing in the community. For many people living in HOA communities comes with many advantages including the protection of property values, not having to confront their neighbors about disputes, and being a member of a stabilized and well-maintained community of peers. Although there may be various benefits to living in an HOA community, they are not immune to criminal activities. HOA communities still face theft, vandalism, assaults, and burglaries. If HOA board members do not uphold their duties and responsibilities it can make the community a target for criminal activity. Contact a qualified Residential Security Expert and follow along to learn how HOA communities can benefit from elevated security services. 

What is an HOA?

A homeowner association (HOA) is a private organization that is governed by a board of volunteers from the community that is elected to oversee the day-to-day operations of the community. This includes managing finances, enforcing rules and regulations, collecting HOA payments, creating budgets, and managing common areas. Additionally, they are responsible for maintaining and repairing entry gates, streetlights, and surveillance cameras. If the appropriate parties fail to take the proper actions to protect their community, they increase the likelihood of criminal activity occurring within the community. As mentioned above, HOA communities often include shared common areas. This common area often becomes the prime target for a crime if security measures are not taken to safeguard the premises.

How can these communities benefit from residential security?

Typically, the HOA board is not liable for crimes against residents as their duties do not include protecting residents from criminal acts occurring on the premises. However, they can be held liable if the crime resulted from the conditions of the premises. This may include broken locks, unlocked doors, broken gates, burnt-out streetlights, and broken fences. The board is responsible for maintaining a safe premise for residents. Therefore, if you run an HOA community, you can benefit from hiring our residential security experts. We can conduct neighborhood patrols, install security cameras, and conduct risk assessments to ensure your community is compliant with HOA policy.

Regardless of your needs, you can trust our highly trained and skilled residential security experts to deter criminal activity and safeguard the HOA grounds. Everyone deserves to feel safe in their community. Allow our talented team members to elevate your community’s overall security today.


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