How important are security guards?

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Often, businesses fail to recognize the significant role that security guards have in their company. However, this is a huge mistake as their position should not be taken for granted. Hiring security guards is one of the smartest moves you can make to protect your company, employees, and customers. When an emergency occurs or a high-risk scenario, security guards that are highly skilled and trained can help effectively respond to de-escalate the situation. They can ensure that buildings are secure and that employees and clients are safe. If you own a business, contact Port Security Services to learn more about how our Armed Security Officers can protect your company. 

What types of organizations can benefit from security guards?

Ultimately, any business can benefit from hiring security guards. However, the following organizations may require security guards to operate safely daily:

  1. Hospitals. When an individual becomes ill or injured, they usually take a trip to the emergency room. Fortunately for these individuals, hospitals are open to the public 24/7. This means anyone can virtually stroll in and go unnoticed as doctors, nurses, and other staff members are busy helping people. Hospitals can significantly benefit from having security guards who can patrol the entryway and exits for potential threats. Also, loved ones can become volatile when they face emotional and physical distress. Security guards are trained to help de-escalate individuals and restrain them from causing anyone harm.
  2. Schools. Gun violence has been a severe issue in schools in recent years. Sadly, this is the case for all educational levels. Students and staff should feel safe while they are on school grounds. Schools can significantly benefit from having security guards patrol the premises to deter criminal activity.
  3. Banks and other financial institutions. This may not surprise many, but banks are often targets for criminals as they handle a substantial amount of money daily. Banks and other financial institutions need to have security guards not only to deter criminal activity but also to handle any potential high-risk scenarios that may arise.
  4. Construction sites. They are often targeted by criminals, resulting in vandalism and equipment theft. To prevent such incidents, having security guards patrol the area during non-working hours is beneficial. Their presence will deter potential robbers and vandals and preserve the site.
  5. Stadiums and sports arenas. Regardless of whether a sporting event or concert is being conducted at a stadium, security guards can help keep rowdy fans in check. Often, rival fans fight each other, putting innocent bystanders in harm’s way. Stadiums should have security guards patrolling the premises to de-escalate potential fights and detect any unusual activity that could pose a significant threat.

For more information on the importance of hiring security guards to protect your business, customers, and employees, contact Port Security Services today. Our adept security experts are prepared to help you save your company.

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