How can security officers help deter auto dealership crimes?

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The cost of leasing or owning a car from an auto dealership has reached record levels in today’s economy. According to research, the average transaction price has exceeded $47,000. Considering this amount for just one car in a dealership, we can imagine how much the entire inventory is worth. Dealerships have hundreds of cars on their lots that add up to millions of dollars in inventory. As a dealership owner, it’s crucial to ensure the security of your premises and inventory to prevent significant business loss. If you are responsible for a high-end auto dealership, then it’s essential to consider enlisting the services of our Armed Security Officers, who can help prevent valuable vehicles from being damaged or stolen by thieves. 

Why should auto dealerships hire security officers?

As an auto dealership owner, the security of your dealership should be your top priority to safeguard your inventory. Here’s something that might help you understand the importance of elevating your security: if you were a thief, which would you rather steal, an old used Ford or a brand new exotic Ferrari? Car thieves are always looking for the biggest payday. As a result, they tend to target high-priced vehicles in high-level dealerships. What’s more, dealerships are usually located in high crime areas, such as highways, which allows thieves to escape the scene of the crime quickly. Dealerships are also often poorly lit and lack adequate security measures, which provides little to no deterrence for potential threats.

As you can see, auto dealerships that lack security are the jackpot for thieves. Since dealerships are no strangers to crime, it’s vital to turn to unarmed or armed security guards to patrol and use advanced surveillance tools to monitor the premises. Dealerships must implement security strategies, including controlled access to the premises. This includes monitoring entry and exit points, verifying the identity of anyone who enters the premises, and ensuring that unauthorized individuals do not gain access to valuable vehicles and equipment. Ultimately, having security officers patrol the premises will help deter potential crimes, as thieves are less likely to target a location with a heavy security presence. Security officers are also highly trained in de-escalating situations and respond to emergencies effectively to ensure everyone’s safety.

If you own an auto dealership, it’s time to enhance your security. At Port Security Services, we understand the importance of having trained security officers who can help deter criminal activity and safeguard your dealership from potential damages, such as financial ruin and reputational harm. We can help provide a safe and secure environment for your customers and employees.

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