How can security guards help protect your dispensary?

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In certain states such as California, Colorado, Massachusetts, and New Jersey, there is a serious security risk that is associated with operating cannabis dispensaries. In the cannabis industry, there is always a potential threat of robberies as cannabis can come at a high cost and only those over the age of 21 can purchase cannabis products. If you own a dispensary, it is crucial to have adequate security to deter criminal activity. Dispensaries can benefit from having unarmed or armed security guards protecting the premises. Keep reading and contact our trusted and highly trained Armed Security Officers to discover how our experts can help you protect your dispensary.  

What is a dispensary?

A dispensary is a store where medical-grade and recreational cannabis is sold. Many states have legalized growing and selling marijuana in dispensaries as they have placed regulations to minimize potential harm. To enter a dispensary and purchase cannabis products, you must be at least 21 years or older. States have also legalized marijuana as they see its potential monetary value. Dispensaries make a significant amount of money as cannabis does not come at a cheap price. Therefore, dispensaries often have substantial amounts of money locked away. This means there is a potential threat of break-ins to steal cannabis and money. The theft of cannabis products by criminals could result in dangerous illegal sales. It is critical to have optimal security to safeguard the premises. Having armed or unarmed security guards monitor and surveil the premises can effectively deter criminal activity.

What threats can security guards prevent?

When it comes to cannabis dispensaries, it is imperative to understand the most significant risks to your business. Typically, the major security threats are employee theft, shoplifting, and cyber theft. When hiring employees, it is important to run background checks and focus on hiring those with good qualities. Internal theft is a huge vulnerability for dispensaries as security guards are often focused on customers rather than employees. However, our guards are trained to detect employee theft. Additionally, shoplifting is another potential threat. If there are no unarmed or armed guards safeguarding cannabis products on the premises, customers are more likely to attempt to shoplift when employees are not looking. Finally, many business owners do not consider cybertheft when they think of protecting their dispensaries. This is a huge mistake as hackers can attempt to steal sensitive customer information. Cyber crimes as such can damage your dispensary’s reputation and you could face major business loss. It is in your best interest to hire qualified security guards to prevent these potential threats.

For more information on how security guards can protect your cannabis dispensary, please contact our proficient security experts. Our unarmed and armed guards can help you safeguard your business.


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