How can landscaping increase the security of your home?

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When a homeowner thinks of their residential security, they often think the only steps they can take to protect their home are by installing surveillance cameras, motion detectors, outdoor lights, and alarm systems. However, that is not always the case. To many homeowners’ surprise, landscaping plays a crucial role in their home’s overall security. Depending on the landscaping design you choose, your landscape could deter criminal activity. If you want to elevate your home’s security, please contact a trusted Residential Security Expert who can help you protect your home from potential threats. In addition, keep reading to learn how you can use your landscaping design to improve the security of your home. 

How can I use landscaping to improve the security of my home?

All homeowners should be mindful when choosing a landscape design for their house. It is imperative to utilize strategic landscape designs to protect your home from potential threats such as home invaders. When choosing the right landscape for your home, you should avoid planting large hedges in the front of your property. Additionally, you should never have large shrubs near your entryways or windows. If you have large hedges and shrubs surrounding your property, it will give potential intruders the perfect hiding spots. Oftentimes, intruders stake out a house before breaking in. If they have several hiding spots where they can successfully hide, it could increase the likelihood of them following through with their ploy to break in. You should place light fixtures near any plants surrounding your property as this will help you eliminate any potential hiding spots. Moreover, it is also a good idea to plant your plants lower than your window so you can see anyone attempting to trespass on your premises. You can also plant prickly plants such as rose bushes under your windows and near entryways so that intruders cannot seek entry as they will be injured by the thorns. It is also important to keep the trees in front of your property trimmed so that you can easily view your property to detect any suspicious activity.

Furthermore, a good tactic to keep intruders off of your property is using an open fencing landscape. Essentially, chain link, iron, and picket fences can be used to prevent thieves from entering your property. These types of fences are the best for stopping intruders. Fences are great security tactics as they create a barrier around your property. With a fence, you will still be able to view your property. If you chose to put large hedges or shrubs instead of a fence, your line of sight would be blocked. Having a fence also limits access points which ultimately provides a critical deterrent.

If you want to improve your home security, it is in your best interest to hire a skilled residential security expert. Everyone should feel safe in their home. Allow our dedicated team members to help you implement various security strategies to protect your home from home invaders and other potential threats.

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