How can I protect my business during a protest?

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In today’s society, protests have become more common. With the rise in protests in the last several years, businesses have increasingly been affected. While companies themselves may not be the initial target, storefront businesses are often unintentionally caught in the crosshairs. As such, business owners must take the necessary steps to mitigate the risks of being caught in the midst of such events to prevent potential business loss. If your local area has seen any protests recently and you’re considering safeguarding your business, it’s in your best interest to contact Port Security Services to learn how our security experts can help formulate a strategy that best serves your particular needs. 

How can I prepare my business for a protest?

In the United States, the First Amendment of the Consitution prohibits the government from abridging ” the right of the people peaceably to assemble.” Therefore, citizens have the right to assemble in public places to protest. According to research, nearly 95% of protests in the U.S. during the summer of 2020 were peaceful. Nevertheless, there’s no way to predict which ones could turn violent. As such, it’s crucial to be prepared to implement appropriate security measures to help ensure the safety of your customers and staff.

As a business owner, you can ask protesters to leave if they interfere with your day-to-day operations. If they fail to comply with your request, you may legally have them arrested for trespassing. It’s beneficial to have security guards monitoring your storefront, as they can ask protesters to vacate the premises and respond accordingly if protesters become aggressive. Ultimately, it would be best to consider outsourcing your business security needs.

Can security officers help during emergency lockdown and evacuation procedures?

In some cases, protests can progress into a chaotic situation or emergency that requires you to implement a safety plan to ensure everyone’s safety. Security experts can establish a comprehensive plan that can be reviewed and updated when necessary. It’s essential to prioritize the safety of your team by remaining indoors when an out-of-control situation arises.

Furthermore, having a strong presence, such as security guards, can help deter protesters from committing unlawful acts against your business, such as looting, vandalism, theft, and violence. Security officers are trained to respond quickly and decisively to emergencies, which can help mitigate potential business loss risks.

If you’re a business owner, it’s crucial to take proactive steps to safeguard your business by enlisting the services of our determined security experts from Port Security Services. We are prepared to develop a tailored security strategy that meets your needs, ensuring peace of mind during difficult times. Allow our team to help you effectively deter threats and maintain a secure environment.

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