How can I keep my home secure while traveling?

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Today’s technology offers homeowners peace of mind when they are traveling as they can monitor their home via security cameras and alarms. However, it doesn’t end there. There are several technological innovations that help homeowners secure their home while they are absent. Homeowners may take their family on a week-long vacation or have to travel for business/work. Whatever the case may be, homeowners should have the appropriate security to ensure their home and neighborhood stay safe while they are away. If you want to ensure your home is secure, contact our skilled and knowledgeable Residential Security Experts who can help you protect your residence while you are away on business or vacation.

What can I do to keep my home secure while I’m away?

In today’s society, homeowners have access to advanced technology that can alleviate their stress while they are away. To help optimize their home and neighborhood security, homeowners should:

Invest in smart lights and timers

For homeowners to optimize their security while they are away, they should install smart lights and timers. This will make it appear like they are home even when they are away. With today’s technology, homeowners can set timers and set their lights to turn on or off with their phone. Intruders are less likely to break in if they believe homeowners are home. If they see that lights are on and off, they will believe the homeowner is home switching the lights on and off. This is especially helpful at night, when the house can be illuminated to make it appear like someone is home.

Minimize posting online

It is common for individuals to upload photographs and video footage of their vacation and post it on social media platforms to share with their friends. However, posting this type of information could pose a threat to their home’s security. By posting online, individuals are making others aware that their home is not occupied. Individuals that are away on vacation or business should minimize their online posts to increase their home’s security while they are away.

Buy a safe

It is critical for individuals to obtain a safe where they can store their valuables while they are away. A safe can alleviate homeowners’ anxiety about someone breaking in and stealing their valuable belongings. A safe is an extra precaution that in the event that someone breaks into the home while they are away, their most valued possessions are safely kept hidden.

Security cameras and alarm systems

One of the most commonly used security tactics are state of the art surveillance cameras and alarm systems. Surveillance cameras can help catch intruders trying to break in. Surveillance cameras deter criminal activity as intruders do not want their criminal actions recorded. Surveillance cameras effectively alert homeowners when there is motion on the outside of their home. Additionally, alarm systems alert homeowners to intruders trying to break in. This gives homeowners time to call the police. It is important for home owners to have surveillance cameras and alarm systems to protect their homes.

If you want to increase your home or neighborhood security, please don’t hesitate to contact our Port Security Services who can help install surveillance cameras and state of the art security alarms to deter criminal activity. Our services can help optimize your home and neighborhood security.



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