Video Surveillance

Protect your home or business with robust high-tech security & surveillance solutions

Video surveillance is an increasingly important aspect to a well rounded security control system. At Port Security Services, we train our security officers to use complex computer systems aimed at monitoring and investigating live video surveillance feeds. Our officers are experienced using many different types of cameras, including PTZ, infrared, dome, fixed, and network/IP.  It takes a carefully trained eye and a knowledgeable mind to understand and implement the complexities involved with video  surveillance. Our highly trained security professionals meet and exceed our customer’s standards for excellence in video surveillance.

Alarm Monitoring

Your Property Should Feel Safe.

Alarm monitoring and video surveillance go hand in hand. The same programs that allow us to monitor live video feed also allow us to detect and report security breaches and intrusions. Using proven investigative methods, our security officers can respond to alarms, investigate video, and determine the proper course of action.

Port Security Surveillance Service

What Can Port Security Services Do For You?

  • Artificial Intelligence Technologies (AI Based)

  • Pattern Recognition

  • Computer Vision

  • Night Vision

  • Person Detection with Facial Recognization

  • Car and Pet Detection

Why Choose Port Security Services?

Quality of service ahead of all competitions

  • Competitive rates without sacrificing quality

  • Top quality personnel and extensive training

  • 24/7 on-call support for emergency reporting

  • Specialized security programs tailored to our customers industry specific needs

  • Experienced leader in security services

  • Constantly learning and adapting to new threats and challenges

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