Armed Security Services

Armed security guards are the backbone of any private security company.

Sensitive sites today need greater security as they are at higher risk due to increased criminal activity. Sites such as pharmaceutical companies, petrochemical organizations, and power sub-stations are vulnerable to criminal activity with the crucial materials that the organizations work with on a daily basis. Also, VIPs and other high-ranking personnel are at increased risk and may need a higher level of security.

Port Security Services offers highly trained and highly skilled armed officers for our customers security needs. Only our most trusted and experienced officers are given the opportunity to perform this role. All of our armed security officers are certified and tested annually for accuracy and proficiency.

At Port Security Services, we understand the seriousness of situations requiring armed officers. Whether it’s protecting critical infrastructure, high value targets, sensitive facilities, or at-risk personnel, Port Security Services stands ready to meet your security needs.

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Why Choose Port Security Services?

Quality of service ahead of all competitions

  • Competitive rates without sacrificing quality

  • Top quality personnel and extensive training

  • 24/7 on-call support for emergency reporting

  • Specialized security programs tailored to our customers industry specific needs

  • Experienced leader in security services

  • Constantly learning and adapting to new threats and challenges

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