Port Security Services Announces New Website Launch

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Port Security Services Announces New Website Launch

Port Security Services is happy to announce the launch of our new website. We hope our website is easier to navigate for our users. This change was made to provide our visitors with an accessible way to find confidence in the resources that we will provide throughout our new web design.

Port Security Services is made up of a team of security experts with the common goal to keep you safe. We have various areas of expertise that cover an array of various facilities and scenarios. Some of our security services include:

  • Maritime port security
  • Airport security
  • Armed security
  • Chemical-petrochemical security
  • Cyber security
  • Residential security
  • Executive protection
  • Unarmed security
  • Video surveillance
  • Autonomous Robot Security
  • MARSEC Compliance
  • Houses of worship security
  • Drone security surveillance
  • Security consulting

In addition, Port Security Services can provide you with various types of highly-trained security officers including plain-clothes security guards, unarmed and armed security guards, security guard patrol services, executive protection services, and private armed security guards. Our ultimate goal is to keep you safe.

Our security operations are equipped with ground surveillance which can provide services for anti-terrorists, incident reporting, alarm response, access control, badging and identification, and facility security plans, to name a few. Port Security Services can use facility response services to assist clients with issues ranging from storm and natural disaster response to LNG Terminal security. We can also ensure that your facility is in compliance to prevent unwanted fines and legal troubles.

Our company is diversified in many different fields of security. No matter who you are, we have you covered. We are your best line of defense.

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Port Security Services is honored to be known as the best security operation in the United States. As experts in corporate, governmental, and personal high-level security, Port Security Services is the leader in technological advances and methods that protect clients and their interests. Since 2003, we have kept clients safe in all types of security situations utilizing our vast resources and our team of over 100 specialists to provide traditional and modern assistance wherever it is needed. Contact Port Security today.

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